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planet do not disappear in 6,8, and 12th bhavas

In the field of astrology the 6, 8 and 12  bhavas are malefic planets and they are known as (Maraivu sthanam, which means a place to hide) when the literal meaning is considered it means any planet in this place will disappear.  How on universe will planets disappear (of course, pluto did!); however, the reality of the expression goes like since the effects can be malefic, astrologers were warned not to horrify their clients by telling all the details.  Astrologers were required to hide major malefic details and send the client with mild information about these facts, thereby keeping them at peace until the day the worse unfolds!

However, astrologers state the predication in a way like planets in the 6, 8, and 12th bhava are hidden and therefore these planets do not possess any benefic qualities.  And, clients are exhausted with a feeling like there is no benefit from these planets.  And they decide that until the dasa bhukthi of this planet ends everything will be unfavorable.  They walk out with an empty heart thinking no good will happen.
In reality, in the science of astrology, the 6th 8th and 12 th bhavas are not hidden places. There are no indications in texts that these places are places for the planets to lose their power or to hide themselves or disappear.  This is in reality a malefic bhava.  This is a bhava that expresses bad events, therefore bad bhava.  From this same bhava there can be a few good effects as well.
For instance, there is something called vipareetha raja yogam, these are the raja yogas and money yogas that are formed by bad planets.  If vipareetha raja yogam is located in a way to provide money to the native, how can 6, 8, and 12th houses be maraivu sthanas.
In reality, even if the the 6th house is in a position to denote diseases, litigation, problems, debts, etcetera this is the place where the “victory factor reigns”, the tendency to serve others is seen from this house, for any problem if there is loss there is also victory in the same ground, if it indicates debt – it is also indicative of the debt clearing, therefore, based on the 6th house we cannot say that we will forever live in debt because of the 6th house indications.
When you check in to all the investors in this world – all of them did not do any business without getting in to debt.  Either they will buy debts, or they will give debt and get it back.  There are different methods to buy debt.  You can get debt from banks, getting debts from outsiders, our country by itself has procured lot of debts.
Even developed countries are in debt.  Therefore, debts are there to stay.  What we can explore is about whether the debt will be something that will lead to misery or will it be one that will lead to betterment in life by tolerating the debt is the factor to be considered when it is about giving predictions.  This is about the 6th bhava. When this is the state of the 6thbhava how can we say that this is hidden or functionless?  This is not something that is acceptable in the field of astrology at all. It is not really good to say so. This is not correct either.
Astrologers were warned not to horrify their clients by telling all the details.  Astrologers were required to hide major malefic details and send the client with mild information about these facts, thereby keeping them at peace until the day the worse unfolds!
The hide factor got misinterpreted!
This is applicable for the 8th bhava.  This is as well about hiding the intensity of horrible facts.  8th bhava indicates losses, insults, sudden losses, killing, suicide, major losses, unexpected miseries and sorrow is indicated by the 8th bhava.
We should not think that only this exists. This is also the place where unexpected fortunes and money gains are seen.  This is also the place that is indicative of the money we might gain from others.  Therefore, when dealing with 8th bhava, we cannot say it is completely bad and we are not supposed to declare this bhava as completely bad.
If someone is undergoing the dasha of the 8th bhava, the individual need not be suffering throughout – it can suddenly create some good benefits in the form of money during the good bhukthi periods. Therefore, we are not supposed to scare off someone by saying it is hidden.
Sometimes the malefic effects can be really high like the 8th lord in debilitation, the lagna lord in 8th and lot of other stuff contributing to a scary result, and the benefit will appear as a burden to the native.  We are to tell it to the client by hiding the intensity of the misery. We are not supposed to blow up the result in proportion.
When it is about dealing with the 12th bhava, it is something that is likable in a way and not likeable in another way. If we plan to spend and if it happens it is something that we might like.  If we do not plan to spend and it if continues to happen then it is something that we might not like.  Therefore, this is known as Viraya Sthanam.
Losses happen in multiple ways.  These are those that are expected those that are not expected, expenditure, losses, living in a hidden place, going out of town, – the deeds of this house are not really of a permanent nature.
If the ascendant lord will place us in forefront, the 12th lord will place us way back.
6, 8, and 12th bhavas are those that do the many malefic things big and small that we do not like.  All we need to be doing is to hide the intensity of their expression when they happen.  There are still associated benefits.
If there was no 6th bhava, then we will not be able to get debts. And, we will not be able to achieve anything.  There will be likely problems though.
8th bhava… who does not have losses? Is wealth the only loss that one should encounter? Are other losses not accountable? Everything will come.
12th bhava is of course expenditure. M.R.P. is Rs. 17 in reality its original cost will be less, we pay different prices for this product in different places… Consider the price of the crackers from Shivakashi that we get during festivals, the label price will be Rs. 300; however, the shopkeeper will give it to us for Rs. 30.  The Rs. 300 might be the price applicable for sale in Kashmir.
This is applicable for all the expenditures you might be dealing with.  For the same product, we might be forced to play a higher price in the process.  The difference is that if we are running a good bhava we will be getting it for Rs. 30 and if we are running through a strong 12th bhava, we might have to pay the extra price, which is to buy it for Rs. 300.  Both are same, it is not about feeling deceived or being deceived.  The product is made available in a different place. To buy something from here is different and to buy something from elsewhere is different.  It is about the process of supply and demand and the prices are proposed accordingly.
Therefore, the 6th, 8th, and 12th bhavas are those that we can expect.  They keep coming and going.  This will come during the dhasa, bhukthi, chitiram, antharam and during all phases.  Therefore, this should be considered as something that should be hidden and revealed, but you cannot say that the bhava or the planets in the bhava have completely disappeared.  All planets are clearly visible in the planetary set up in the horoscope and we can do nothing about hiding out the 6th, 8th, and 12th bhava.
It is about revealing the hard facts in these malefic bhavas in a subtle manner without scaring the clients by blowing up the problem beyond proportion.  It is important to instill positive hope in the client beyond all odds.

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  1. I am Radhika. During the horoscope matching, an astrologer told while comparing myself and groom's horoscope, my maraivu sthanam of the navamsa and that groom's lagnam of the navamsa are in the same place. So If I marry him then he will come widower hood. Is this true? Please suggest me in this issue.