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Marriage matching 10 Porutham or horoscopes matching

The question in analysis: Is it important to check in to the 10 poruthams when it comes to checking for marriage compatibility? Or is it important to check in to the horoscope compatibility of the couple?
This is an important question that should be answered without fail. I choose to give the answer for this question indirectly rather than directly after exploring a few essential facts. Astrology is indeed an art form that has applicable formulas that can explain the fine intricacies and nuances involved in the life of man and woman.
The disposition in the horoscope and the events that are destined to unfold cannot be warded off, prevented or made better with the aid of tips and tricks! This is at least the result we have arrived at so far with all the research we have been doing over years in different aspects of human life. When this is the case, how can be personalize customize about how the 7th bhava also known as the marriage bhava should be?
For an individual man or a woman, each of their individual horoscopes determines:-
• How the married life of the native of the horoscope should function?
• How the perception of the married life will be from each of the couple’s point of view?
• How compatible and united the couple is destined to be?
• How successful or unsuccessful will the couple be by giving birth to children?
The science of astrology is set in a way to explain all these parameters!
When this is the case, how is it possible to match a boy’s horoscope with a girl’s horoscope in a way to induce a magic charm in warding off all the evils that are set to unfold in the boy’s horoscope?
And, how is it possible to match a girl’s horoscope with a boy’s horoscope in a way that all the evil in the girl’s horoscope get balanced?
Here is a manipulative approach with which every parent, individual, or person coming to check in to the horoscope matching for the prospective bride or groom seem to have.
Here is a manipulative approach with which every parent, individual, or person coming to check in to the horoscope matching for the prospective bride or groom seem to have.
They acknowledge the understanding of the fact that the horoscope of their child, whether it be boy or girl does not really signify encouraging combinations in the bhava that dictates a happy married life. Despite, this being the destiny, they require the astrologer to pick out a horoscope that has the power to change the ill fate of the boy or girl in question !@#$
Here is the proposal of the Big Daddy and Big Mommy “I know that the horoscope of my child is not good, specifically in the marriage bhava…; however, do something about matching up a horoscope that will change the fate of my child to something good!”
They forget that marriage takes place per fate and it has nothing do to with changing one’s fate.
How on earth can an astrologer change the fate of the person, when his destiny is set in a way towards misery or hardship in marriage?
For instance, in the specific horoscope of a woman, the lord of the 7th bhava is in the 6thbhava.  It is also the dhasha period of the 7th bhava lord. Let us consider this scenario…..where the prospects of this combination are going to be simply not as good…
Let us consider the situation, where the nakshatra lord is also the 7th bhava lord.  The husband of this woman can likely be someone who is a diseased person (or) someone who is a trouble maker (or) someone who is frequently involved in disputes (or) someone who is quite interested in the service industry or in business matters (or) a situation where the woman should be constantly away from her husband due to matters related to the 6thhouse.  Either because, the husband travels or business, is under medical care and rest, or keeps fighting and stays emotionally away in the same hours….or due to any other reason in which the 6th bhava expresses itself.
When fate is designated in a way that the spouse of the girl should be someone with 6thhouse features, how in the universe can her fate be altered?
Then, how can we find a horoscope to change this?
When it is about leading a married life this does not mean that the husband and wife should forever be together?  One of them can travel overseas to America or Europe for job!  This is one kind of separation and union as well! It is okay with clients who accept this kind of life style.
However, there are clients who stress lot of things like the couple should be united, my girl should never shed tears, my son-in-law should be in good health, he should earn good, he should be someone who is well-mannered and lot of other stuff, when something like that is not possible according to the horoscope of the woman at all.

The heart of the Astrologer suffers a Cardiovascular Attack! His brain suffers a Cerebrovascular Attack! And what not!

6th bhava mildly at work for the astrologer….!
The concept of 10 porutham is not like that! It did not mention about the matching of the horoscopes! The rules of destiny has forever been executing and unfolding what it has to do throughout every phase in the cycle of time!
When it comes to the concept of 10 poruthams, there is a basic rule that goes, where they say that, if there is “mana porutham” which is about the existence of the pattern where there is a matching of the minds and attitudes of the couple, then there is no need to see 10 porutham.
Dhinam, Ganam, yoni, rashi, rajju are the 5 major parameters that are important a modern short list!
The conclusion to the 10 poruthams pattern came:
  • When 32 poruthams was not possible then the compromise came down to 18 porutham…
  • When 18 poruthams was not possible then the compromise came down to 16 porutham…
  • When 16 poruthams was not possible then the compromise came down to 11 porutham…
  • When 11 poruthams was not possible then the compromise came down to 10 porutham…
  • When 10 poruthams was not possible then the compromise came down to 5 porutham (Dhinam, Ganam, yoni, rashi, rajju…)
  • When 5 poruthams was not possible then the compromise came down to 3 porutham…(Dhinam, yoni, rajju…)
  • When 3 poruthams was not possible then the compromise came down to 1 porutham…( Rajju…Maangalyam Yaevachha….)
Further, there are rules and exceptions for specific nakshatra.  There are specific rules that say marriage can take place if there is rajju or otherwise.  Evolution and mutation of rules is forever there around!
When this is the case, based on the 10 porutham parameter, if someone is asking the astrologer to identify the best prospective match theses parameters were tried to somehow finalize a marriage in the most positive manner.
When you check in to the book stores that sell these books and rules for just 5 rupees or 25 rupees about compatibility and marriage, you will be able to arrive at the porutham parameters on your own!
Applying these rules and checking for the compatibility is what every astrologer is going to do.  Verifying the horoscope compatibility is something that is forever doubt-filled.
Remember the 10 porutham verification is different from checking the horoscope compatibility
Every astrologer has a different opinion to give.  They say dosha, dosha samyam, dasha, dasha vidudhi, dasa sandhi, dosha matching between horoscopes, rahu ketu matching between horoscopes, and lot more.
So, which basics is the right thing? Which set of rules that make the foundation of astrology and matching are right is a question to be pondered upon?  Here are questions unanswered! Who set the rules to check in to horoscope matching and compatibility? There are no hard and fast rules set for it!
If it is possible for an astrologer to create such rules, there is no need for family courts in this world at all!  Nobody would approach the court for divorce!  Everyone would live in a happy family.  There is nothing like that.  It will not happen!
If the wife should be the first house and the husband should be the 7th house, if the ascendant is the rising sign and the 7th bhava is the setting sign, how can there be any kind of astrological compatibility at all.  There will forever be differences in opinions. The thing that should come in to work is tolerance. What can be done is to bring down the intensity of the mismatch! For instance, in our research we have arrived at the opinion that a basic rashi porutham is sufficient.  If the lords of the rashi are friends with each other it is enough to confirm a marriage.
Dr. Shankaran Pillai has stated that the 10 porutham rule is said to have opposite views across the board.
I have expressed similar views in the books that I have authored like:
“If a bride or groom is running a dhasha period that might promise only moderate results, then if the matching horoscope is something that is running a dhasha period that promises best results, then match these two horoscopes”
However, as a dutiful astrologer you need to boldly declare the natural risks involved in the horoscope of the native for whom the parents are seeking a compatible match, despite the flaws per astrological rules in the native’s horoscope.  Explain to them about how the natural risks have a method of expressing themselves in the life of the native no matter how hard someone can try!
Avoid The Blame Game…
“Explain that the flaw is not on the part of the opposite party who is marrying the boy or the girl, but that the happiness or sadness that one might experience is being experienced by virtue of the natural personal individual horoscopes involved in the marriage”
  • Don’t blame your daughter-in-law for the ill-fate your son is destined with…
  • Don’t blame your son-in-law for the ill-fate your daughter is destined with…
No astrologer can provide with the tips and tricks to change destiny, all they can do is to read through….
Tell these facts to the concerned clients and allow them to decide!  As an astrologer all you should be doing is to provide your clients with the existing facts, thereby providing them with the relevant information to arrive at a decision making.
Never, never, dictate what your clients should decide…simply provide them with the facts.
It is the duty of every astrologer to help every client seeking marriage compatibility to understand how the fate of their child has been documented per astrological rules.
The other party is not checking for marriage compatibility with the right facts! There are likely to be flaws in both sides.  No marriage is an ideal one!
What is happening across the board is that the flaws in horoscopes are not being discussed on a bigger scale.  Most of the astrologers are discussing the positive facts, and are trying to do something to help a marriage progress to fruition.
None of them are destined to be 100% perfect.
Therefore, considering all these parameters in mind, my research is mainly focused around exploring the degree of influence, horoscope compatibility might have in the lives of individuals and in what way their personal planetary combinations express themselves in the lives of the couple during different time periods.
  • Is there anyone who has firmly declared and solved the horoscope matching situation by applying a magic match making rule? Can anyone cite one?
  • Has anyone prevented or solved the problems that are destined to express itself in an individual’s horoscope by following specific rules of match making?
No! The predictions in horoscopes for the period of 120 years are the exact experiences destined for the native of the horoscope and that is pretty unchangeable.  While the planets are still in action throughout the life period of the native, while the expressive times of the bhavas are consistently in action in accordance with the laws of nature, how can we create a perfect match? Perfect matches happen if they are destined to be, and never if they are not destined to be no matter how hard we try!
There were times when “practicing astrologers by virtue of lineage” used to declare the direction from which the bride or groom might come from, like you will get your bride from the East, you will get your bride from the west and sorts!
However, these days when people are not in the practice of living in the same colonies or villages or towns with their ethnic relatives, where children are flying across the globe to different destinations, what a practicing astrologer can declare is about the probable expression of the favorable periods and opportunities for a marriage to come in to fruition.
All we can do is to tell the concerned people about the relationship of the current dhasha period with the 7th bhava, the relationship with the 2nd bhava and on.  Based on the kind of relationship the marriage bhava has with the other bhavas the marriage expresses itself accordingly.
Every astrologer should tell the truth about the real prospects of the two horoscopes!
If the client is the one who needs to have the right prospect for girl, then in this case, the astrologer should tell true facts about the prospective son-in-law, and when it is the case about finding the right prospect for the boy, the astrologer should tell about the true facts relating to the prospective daughter-in-law.
After understanding the real life path of the prospective daughter-in-law or prospective son-in-law, let the parties decide to either go ahead with a marriage bond or deny the marriage bond.
The opportunity of understanding the entire information time ahead before the shocks and pleasant surprises come is what the science of astrological readings can help you with. Nothing can be changed!
The opportunity to rectify errors in horoscopes can never happen and it will not.
Therefore, what we tell our astrologers to do is to check in to the probable predictions applicable for the horoscopes in question, than checking in to the compatibility factor.
This is best, because compatibility rules vary from street to street, astrologer to astrologer and in the process of varying rules and differing opinions about compatibility, good brides and grooms miss the marriage opportunity.


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