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Boys born on friday and Chittirai appan theruviley proverbs

There are several concepts revolving around like if a baby boy is born on Friday, it is not good for the family.  There is another proverb which states that if a child is born in the month of Chittirai, then it is indeed not a good addition to the family.  Similarly, there are few proverbs like these that make its rounds in the world of Tamil astrology.  There are few more proverbs like these like “Pooradam Nool Aadadhu…”
We were checking in to the reality of these proverbs, while I was in my astrology office in Vadvalli, the brother of one of my neighbors asked me stating, “I was born in the month of chittirai and many people are stating that I am not a good addition to the family home” He was curious to know how far this was true.  I gave him the following explanation.
This is not something that just one person or family tends to believe, rather this is a belief system that is existent in the whole world of astrology.
There is no reality about the fact associated with Chittirai Appan Theruviley.  In the month of Chittirai, the sun will be in the Rashi of Mesha.  He will be in his exalted degree in the rashi of Mesha.  When the child is being born when the sun is in the exalted degree, then how will it be something that gives dangers to the child?
Generally, sun that is the hero of all the seven planets achieves an exalted disposition in the month of Chitirai (Aries). For children born in this month, the characteristics of the sun like leadership, domination, prestige, pride are likely to be there for these children by nature.  There are nearly 65 crores of people born during this period and every individual born in this time period will have these inbuilt characteristics.  These people are those who might not compromise on their standards.  How are these people likely to send their dads to the streets?
In reality, these are facts that might have been proposed by ordinary astrologers, and this is not something that might have been proposed by astrologers who have a well-researched approach in to the process.  None of the advanced astrological books have indicated these facts as true. In reality, birth in the month of Aries is a good thing.  This is irrespective of whether it is the birth of a boy or that of a girl.  This is a natural formation for the native as well.
For instance, some people would cite out the example of the horoscope of Lord Rama in Valmiki Ramayana.  They will say that Lord Rama was born in the month of Chitirai, therefore, King Dasaratha, the father of Lord Rama died on the streets due to the uncontrollable grief he suffered due to his separation from his son, during the time when Lord Rama accepted penance in to the forest.  Therefore, Chitirai Appan Theruviley.
03:05 ___________
The marriage of Lord Rama is said to have taken place when he was 12 years old.  The next 12 years it has been reported to be the period where he lived with Devi Sita.  Then, at the age of 24 he goes to the forest on penance.  It is during this time that King Dasaratha dies of grief.  The idea of Chittirai Appan Theruviley is applicable only if this should have occurred the sooner Lord Rama was born.
While a horoscope has been proposed for Lord Rama, a horoscope for Lord Dasaratha has not been proposed and we cannot say that the death of Lord Dasaratha was due to Lord Rama, it naturally should have been based on the personal horoscope of King Dasaratha if we could gather some proofs for it.  Therefore, we cannot say that the proverb Chitirai Appan Theruviley works across the board.  The death of King Dasaratha happened only after Lord Rama lived the major part of this life until the age of 24.
There is no valid proof to propagate this idea.  If there are astrologers telling these facts, then it is representative of the innocence or ignorance of the consultant astrologers.  If astrologers are going to establish facts and fiction to make their livelihood, the science of astrology will disappear faster due to practical lack of real-time proofs for astrological proposals made by astrologers!
As astrologers, by picking on these baseless proverbs, it might be possible to temporarily convince people; however, baseless proposals will be put to backyards with the passage of time and real time expression of facts.
The world of science will soon reject astrology and progress at its pace. If we should develop the capabilities to cooperate at least partially with the astrological world, then we need to discard the bulk of such unnecessary garbage being used in the world of astrology.
Therefore, the baby born in the month of Aries is the baby that is really good and one that will be blessed with lot of fame, and there is no need to develop a discriminatory attitude towards the child.
The Second Myth Is About Baby Boy Births On Friday As Being Inauspicious For The Home
The second myth is about baby boy births on Friday as being inauspicious for the home.  Where did astrologers express this? Of the 7 planets allotted with a day, we have allotted Friday for Venus. Whether the birth on this day be one of a boy baby or that of a girl baby either are good.
According to belief systems Friday was allotted to Goddess Lakshmi. With the Goddess being a female deity, the idea of luck-Friday-and-Girl got correlated.  The belief that <wealth-Lakshmi-and-Girl-Children> are related somehow developed the opposite propaganda like <bad luck – Friday and boys> In reality, this proverb is practically baseless.  It is an idea that survived due to people holding on to such wrong propaganda.
This is not a view point that is established by the science of astrology. Rather than accepting such baseless proposals without valid proof, it helps to get the opinion of researchers who have checked and verified such facts across the board.
In reality, regardless of whether the birth in question is that of a boy or girl on Friday is a good thing.  This is because when considering the auspiciousness of the days, with Friday being a good day, how can it bring bad luck?
The conclusion is that regardless of whether the birth in question is that of a boy or girl on Friday is a good thing.


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